Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Blue Ginger

I used to never go out for sushi. Since moving to New York, sushi has been something that I crave, on average, once a week. I am not sure what is in the air here, but sushi cravings also seem to be a regular trend among my friends (girls especially). To satisfy this craving, I would descend my five flights and walk three blocks to my local Japanese restaurant - only to pick up my meal (usually consisting of a green salad and two rolls) and quickly return to the comforts of my apartment. While this usually did the trick, leaving me satisfied until the next week, I did find it odd that it was the one food that I rarely shared with friends. But, then again, I probably eat out too often, so it was sort of nice to have a night in and not be cooking. That pretty much summed up my sushi-dining experience for my first four years in New York. Until this past spring, when I discovered Blue Ginger - a japanese restaurant that blends in with about four other ethnic restaurants on its chelsea block. My days of eating sushi alone (and eating in every now and then) have come to an end!

I definitely do not claim to be the authority on sushi, but this restaurant has managed to change my sushi eating habits forever. Do not be fooled! This is neither a trendy atmosphere nor even a particularly cozy setting. But, rather, it is a fairly standard looking, average-priced sushi restaurant. Nevertheless, every time I have gone, whether it is a Monday night or a Friday night, 6:30 or 8:30 pm, the place is full- and rightfully so.

You are probably wondering how I ever decided to walk into this restaurant since I am fairly certain it is not a new addition to the neighborhood. My roommate actually discovered it - but, unlike me, she discovered it for its take out purposes, on her walk home from work. It was not until, one fateful night, when one of my friends who lives in Chelsea was also having the undeniable sushi craving that we decided to venture from our couches and meet up. Thankfully, Blue Ginger was the halfway point.

While I am obviously not the most experienced sushi eater, I do appreciate a fresh piece of fish - and, sadly, I think that most sushi restaurants actually do not cater to this. Blue Ginger has never let me down. No matter what I order, everything is extremely fresh - and simple. I do usually start off with edamame or a green salad with ginger dressing (while it is tough to screw those up, they certainly make great ones) and then end up sharing several rolls. My favorites are the spicy tuna, salmon with jalapeno, and salmon with avocado. If you are looking for a vegetarian option, the peanut-avocado roll is actually a nice and different combination. Although, throw some bacon in there, and I would probably be in my own personal heaven!

Maybe Blue Ginger will eventually teach me to be more adventuresome in the sushi department. If any place can do it, I think this one has the potential. But, to be honest, I think sushi will always be the one cuisine where I stick to the basics and my favorites. At the end of the day, my cravings are satisfied - so why mess with a good thing? I just appreciate that Blue Ginger has gotten me off the couch and out with another friend! Who really needs a night at home unless it's for a good old homemade meal?

Blue Ginger
106 8th Ave (between 15th and 16th)
New York, NY 10011
Phone: (212) 352-0911

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