Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thanks Readers!

Tonight I realized exactly why I write this blog. My sister Carrie and I had been at a "free" make-up trial earlier in the evening - and by free, I mean, we had make-up applied to our faces and then we were convinced to buy nearly every product we came in contact with. Looking pretty glamorous, if I do say so myself, we decided that we couldn't just head home - despite the fact that our purses indicated otherwise. Realizing we were right around the corner from The Smith, there was no longer any question about calling it a night. As I had mentioned just a few weeks ago on my last visit there, I knew it was only a matter of time before I would be back. I just had no idea that every one else I knew would be there too!

Within five minutes of sitting down, we looked across the restaurant and saw my step sister Lindsey sitting at a table with one of her coworkers. Carrie and I were thrilled that someone we actually knew was going to appreciate our new makeovers! Having just moved to the neighborhood, she admitted that this wasn't her first trip since reading my review. About ten minutes later, in walks the other Lindsay in my life - one of my oldest high school friends and biggest supporters of the Hungry Roach. She was meeting up with her younger sister and several of her friends from home - her second trip there since first reading my post! Fifteen minutes later, enter Carrington - another high school friend - meeting up with Lindsay and her crew - no real surprise there, but we were still pleased she saw us all dolled up. Besides (as usual) loving everything we were eating, Carrie and I spent the meal cracking up at our great fortune. After running into so many people and being able to show off our new look, I think we actually got our money's worth on the "free" trial. As if knowing 8 different people throughout the restaurant was not enough, when we were leaving the restaurant, we realized that Kristin, one of Carrie's bridesmaids, had been sitting behind us the entire night. The scenario became so absurd that I really thought I was imagining that she too was there (coincidentally at the table directly next to my stepsister)! Kristin also came clean that she was dining at The Smith after having read my post.

So, a big thanks to all of my supporters - keep reading and eating out! I hope every one enjoyed their meal tonight as much as I did. I am definitely thinking The Smith owes me one. See you at The Redhead this weekend?


BF said...

this is hilarious - and i love the new hot look, ladies.

Kristin (The Pearl Onion) said...

You are too cute! Yes, that was crazy seeing you, Carrie, etc. I too had an encouraging moment when a friend in London said she looked up recipes for scallops and my blog pulled up! It's the small things that make us happy :-) great seeing beautiful eyed lady!