Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Summer is here! And regardless of what the weather is doing, New Yorkers are going to embrace the new season's arrival. Who needs sunny skies, when you can take an easy weekend getaway to numerous beach towns full of restaurants and bars just a short train or bus ride away? A recent, premature escape to Southampton on a chilly May weekend reminded me that you can take the girl out of New York, but you shouldn't take the New York restaurant expectations out of the girl. An evening at Savanna's was the best of both worlds - the highest quality food in a relaxed, comfortable setting.

Whether you have traveled for hours by plane or just a few by car, a cocktail is a great way to kick off any vacation - and the bar at Savanna's takes pride in helping you do just that. Unwind with a dirty martini or one of their speciality concoctions while making sure to take in the setting. After all, no one really heads out to the Hamptons without expecting to be surrounded by and blending in with both the gorgeous and the famous. Even in a low key establishment like Savanna's, it wasn't long before spotting two well-known Australians canoodling at the bar. I'm pretty sure Hugh Jackman and Rupert Murdoch aren't an item, but they definitely seemed to get along extremely well and couldn't have been more excited to entertain our party of 20 girls.

Had we not gotten our dose of star-gazing, I would have still walked out of Savanna's with a smile on my face. The food was delicious! Everything was extremely elegant in its simplicity. Since we were a large group, the restaurant was very accomodating and had pre-arranged a set menu - a choice of an appetizer and a main for under $30. This was quite a deal given the high quality of the prepared food. One of my favorite starters was the traditional caesar salad. It was seasoned with focaccia croutons, white anchovies, and fresh parmesan. The roasted beet and goat cheese napoleon was served with crushed yellow beets, baby mache and a balsamic drizzle - another light, seasonal dish.

The main courses range from pasta to seafood to all kinds of meats. I was impressed by each and every category. While the spaghetti with baby veal meatballs, San Marzano sauce, and a basil chiffonade was very tasty, it was their version of pasta carbonara that was the winner. This dish made with extremely wide, homemade noodles was served with cured pork, basil, and a light cream sauce - another elegant combination. While I do have a weakness for pasta, when I head to the beach, no matter the temperature or the time of year, it's the seafood that I am really craving. And, it's a good thing my cravings typically get the best of me since the salmon was the best dish of the entire evening. I will go so far as to say that this was one of the best preparations of salmon that I have ever had in my life. If the restaurant alone were rated on this dijon crusted salmon served over French lentils, it may have received the unattainable five roaches! Again, while there was nothing overly complex about this dish, it was simply perfectly prepared. And, in the end, perfect prepartion no matter the ingredients truly does lead to perfect flavors.

Before we know it, temperatures are going to heat up for good. Like all New Yorkers who have been begging for permanent warmth for months, we are going to just as soon be wishing for cooler days. But, in the meantime, take a break from the daily routine and enjoy what summer is all about. Enjoy leaving the apartment with no coat, ordering an iced coffee that is truly refreshing, catching the sunset after 8 pm, and most importantly, actually rushing out of the office to head to a nearby escape. Every one deserves to get away, and, lucky for us, it doesn't take much to get there.

268 Elm St
Southampton, NY 11968
(631) 283-0202
FOOD RATING (Out of 5):


Gi Gi said...

UMMMMMM....must find a way to get there and partake...

Freedy said...

Please tell me that Jackman had on a muscle T shirt !
And what did u say about the food ?

ROACH, Great taste in food and friends said...

He was in his signature hat! Sadly, no muscle T!

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