Sunday, September 19, 2010

THe Hungry Hiatus

I apologize as this was a post I was meant to have written at least two weeks ago. Since I have known for several months now that Fall 2010 promises to be one of the busiest, life-changing periods of my life, I had my big announcement all mapped out in my mind. At the mark of the two year anniversary of the Hungry Roach, I was going to take a two month pause from posting. Well, more than half a month has gone by and I still haven't managed to fill you in on my big decision. However, that fact alone reaffirms my need for this brief hiatus through September and October.

You may have been thinking that the start of the school year, the return of football season, or even the recent spell of glorious weather have all contributed to keeping me far from my computer - delaying my next mouthwatering post. While all observations are definitely true, there is still more to it this fall. Two weeks ago today marks the day I became a Mrs.! It's amazing how in one single day you can actually begin a whole new chapter in your life - in a way, gaining a whole new identity. I'll be perfectly honest in stating that most of my life I couldn't wait for the day that my last name would change. In fact, it wasn't until I started this blog that I finally fully embraced my given name. And how quickly that time went! Now that I have a new last name (which I couldn't be more excited about), I do love knowing that it is through the Hungry Roach that my name and childhood identity will live on.

You are now probably asking yourself, so what does all of this have to do with my need to take a break for the next two months? Shouldn't I be posting more and more now that my blog is the most obvious reminder of my former identity? That will certainly be the case come November. However, as I start my new journey, it's time to fully focus on my new partner in crime. While he is probably my biggest Hungry Roach fan and may actually be the most disappointed about my decision, I am truly excited for some computer free nights ahead. It's just what I need right now. But, not to worry - throughout my hiatus, the adventures will certainly go on. The trusty camera will still be accompanying me wherever our stomachs take us. A girl's got to eat - and well, at the very least! I promise to continue discovering culinary gems while enjoying my surroundings as much as ever. Who knows - you may actually spot me at the latest NYC hot spot, just over in the corner booth. Get ready. I will have so much to share upon my return, you will be sick of hearing from me! Until then, enjoy my favorite time of year, stay outside as much as possible while daylight still remains, and, most importantly, keep eating and sharing your time with loved ones.


Miss Meat and Potatoes said...

Congrats again Meg! We will all look forward to your return and in the meantime, enjoy your new life as a Mrs!

brian said...

big smiles here.

Ashley said...

I hope to see you in the "corner Booth", no pun intended I'm sure ;) at all the hot spots wherever your new adventures will take you!! xoxox

GTS said...

Will definitely miss The Hungry Roach but have a great Hungry Hiatus!!!! And look forward to your return.